1. As you build your Facebook business page, be sure to add your business logo to your business page because your logo helps create and reinforce brand awareness.

2. Create a FB customized landing page which will tell users all about your business.  Landing pages are often used to promote your events, call attention to new products, or simply welcome visitors with an attractive branded splash page. Anyone with a Fan Page can create one and it takes a little effort. Give your visitors clear instructions on what to do when they land on your customized landing page.  Ask them to click the “LIKE” button at the top of the page.

3. You can also add an opt-in link for your newsletter. It’s a fabulous way to add potential clients to your email list for your Constant Contact newsletter.

4. Ask your friends in your own personal network to join your business page.

5. Apply for a vanity URL once you reach 25 fans/likes. Example: www.facebook/WomenEntrepreneursOfTheBayArea

Go to www.facebook.com/username to customize your vanity URL.  This will help with your search engine ranking but keep in mind that your Facebook profile and business page will only be Google-able if your profile is set to public.

6. Engage your page, post daily, sometimes twice a day – You want to create momentum.  Open up and ask your fans to participate in the conversation.

7. FB has so many great tools you can use to promote your business page. Add your FB link, badge or fan box on your website or blog. Don’t forget to add your FB link to your email signature, business card and other marketing collateral.

8. We all love “FREE” stuff, right? Give some form of free material away and get more business. Here are several examples of things you can give away: e-book on your area of expertise, a gift card, or a pdf file which offers tips and tools in your area of expertise.

9. Get your friends to “Suggest To Friends” – Word of mouth works really well.

10. Make a video and post it on your business page. Also, publish it on YouTube and tag your video with your name, business name, FB link and a link to your business website. Videos on YouTube index really well on the search engines.

11. Place an ad through FB adverts. It’s economical and you have the option of giving FB a cap on how much you want to spend on advertising. Keep in mind you can always make an offer/underbid the suggested bid price. (CPC Bid)

12. Have fun with your page and fans!

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