I am always looking for  ways to keep my WordPress website free of hackers and spammers.  Of course, it’s important to keep a backup copy of your website as well.  I ran across this  a very informative, resource filled web site and blog post by Daniels Mekšs @ 1stwebdesigner.com. Take the time to  read the blog post, bulletproof your website and follow the advice of Daniels Mekss.


35 Security Plugins to Make Your WordPress BulletproofWordPress Security Tools, Tips and Plugins

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform today. It’s being used by thousands of people all around the world. But because of the popularity, it’s getting more attention by hackers and spammers too. WordPress is very secure by itself, but there’s never too much ascertainable.

For simple users,who don’t code a lot, plugins is the best way to secure your blog. They’re free, easily usable and safe. This post assembles 35 best plugins to make your blog bulletproof. They’re each devised for different purposes, so you will get the best protection from each field.

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