How to add other authors or contributors into your blog so they can write guest posts under their names.

To add a guest blogger to your website/blog, you will need to create a profile for them through your WordPress dashboard.

Click “users” on the left hand side of your WordPress dashboard.  See attached screenshot.
Click “Add new”

Give them a “username” and add the following information to their profile:

Username ( required)
E-Mail ( required)
First Name
Last Name
Password  (required)
Send Password?  Place a checkmark in the box next to  “Send this password to the new user by email”
Role:  Add them as a “Contributor”  (not ‘administrator’)

Depending on the theme – you may have the option of creating a “BIO” for your guest blogger.

Once you click the button “Add New User”, your guest blogger will receive an email notification. At this point, they can log into your website and start blogging.

See screenshot below:

How to Add a Guest Blogger to Your Blog