Can Your Business be Found in the Search Engines?

Search Engine Optimization - Can Your Business Be found in Search Engines?Recently I was trying to find a business in a different city but could not find it through regular search methods. I looked using Google and Yahoo but had no luck in finding that business. While doing the search, I noticed that other similar businesses did appear in the search results. This made me curious as to why some businesses can be found while others can not. Try this series of search exercises and see how you rank. The results can help your business succeed by bringing new customers to you.

There are businesses of all types, sizes, industries. Let’s use an example for this article; You are an Professional Organizer  in Burlingame, California.

Think like your customer… can they find you?

Start with Google, they are the largest search engine. Do a search of your business using your company name (ie. “Just Calls Babs – Your Professional Organizer”). Is your company on that list? If someone knows your business by name only, how can they reach you. Get a web site, blog, social network, something which you can tap into to be found. Many free options are available for you to use effectively.

Now do a search without using your business name. (ie Professional Organizer, California) Did your business appear in the results? If someone needed a professional organizer in or near Burlingame, how would they find Babs? Babs needs to be associated with some keywords that people may use to find her business. Words like: organizing, personal shopping, wardrobe consulting, or de-clutter closets. Using these keywords in the above mentioned web site, blog and social networks will get Babs  in that Google result list.

The more that Bab harnesses these search results the better for her business.  The point is this, all businesses need to be searchable. The better we get at being found, the more business we can do. It takes some time but it is becoming more and more necessary to stay competitive.

Good Luck in all your small business local marketing.

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