26 Ways to Share Your Business Online Using Internet Marketing

Using Internet marketing is an affordable way to reach prospective clients easily. You can potentially attract larger numbers of prospects for fewer dollars than with many more traditional methods of outreach.

Internet Marketing or online marketing, literally means “advertising online or on the web”.

To make the most out of your Internet Marketing, try the following […]

12 Ways to bring more fans to your Facebook business page

1. As you build your Facebook business page, be sure to add your business logo to your business page because your logo helps create and reinforce brand awareness.

2. Create a FB customized landing page which will tell users all about your business.  Landing pages are often used to promote your events, call […]

Tools to Enlarge Your Internet Footprint

I have listed several resources to get your brand in the forefront of people’s minds. The more places you are, the more people are likely to find you.

Create a profile at the following professional Services:

• Facebook Pages – http://www.facebook.com/pages/
• Facebook – http://www.facebook.com
• Twitter – […]

Are you ready to jump on the “Social Media” bandwagon?

{This is a small excerpt from a recent presentation I gave on social media.}
In my experience, when I start talking to business owners about using Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to drive traffic to their website, or to find prospects or to announce events, I always hear, “Well, we would like to but who has […]