Best Practices for Email Marketing

I recently met a fellow marketeer at a networking event a couple of months ago…I immediately hit it off with her because we both share a passion for local small business marketing.  I also want to add that she is the funniest woman I know and I highly recommend getting to know her.  This […]

What is WordPress and Why Should I Care?

I have to confess—I’m in love. It’s a mad-crazy kind of love. No, I’m not shouting it from the rooftops or jumping over couches, but I’m not ashamed to say it. I’m in love, and the object of my affections is WordPress. As a web designer, I can’t say enough about how great WordPress […]

Web Marketing Using Video

It is well known that people are more likely to buy from a site where there is a short video presentation of the business owner. This is a simple way for the visitors to connect and experience a trust for the website and business.

Just recently, I did an analysis of how my clients found […]

Article Submission Resources

How Can Article Directories Help my Site?
Anyone with a website knows that the key to success lies in the amount of traffic it gets. To get more traffic your site needs to appear high up in the search results, with all of the major search engines. You can always build a great site and […]

Are You Taking Advantage of Article Directories?

Article directories are excellent tools for quality link building for your website. Their influence and value for businesses online have been known and understood for many years. However, to advance your site through article directories you must understand what type of articles to add to them and you should also pick the best type […]

Out Site SEO Tactics for Optimized Results

Out Site SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
An effective way of promoting a website is to create SEO content to be placed in other web locations, away from the site you want to promote. Does this sound strange to you? It is really pretty simple! Whenever content and links are placed in other sites than your […]

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On Site SEO Tactics for Optimized Results

On Site SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
The content you present on your website is what defines who you are and what you do but this is not all. Everything that you publish in your website is not only seen by those who come to visit, it is also being scanned and crawled periodically by search […]

Can Your Business be Found in the Search Engines?

Can Your Business be Found in the Search Engines?
Recently I was trying to find a business in a different city but could not find it through regular search methods. I looked using Google and Yahoo but had no luck in finding that business. While doing the search, I noticed that other similar businesses did […]

Can Your Business Be Found on the Internet?

So, you or your web designer just created  this terrific website for you…now what?

Make sure your website’s URL address (URL = Uniform Resource Locator) is registered with all of the search engines….not just Google. There are hundreds and hundreds of search engines out there.

To register with Google, log onto:

To register with Yahoo, log […]