The first step to register your domain name through a domain name registrar. Once you’ve registered and paid for a domain name, you own it, which means you have the exclusive right to use that domain name for a specified period of time and renew it once that term expires. Domain name registration is usually effective for a year at a time.Phyllis Garland Blog for your Business Workshops

Selecting a Registrar

There are many registrars to choose from. The factors to consider when choosing one are accreditation and cost:

Accreditation: Only use a registar listed on the Internet Corporation for Assigned names and Numbers (ICANN) website located at

Cost: Though some registrars charge up to $40-$60 per month, avoid paying no more than $10 per year to register your domain name. Among the most reliable and cheapest accredited registrars is Go Daddy (

Choosing a Domain Name
Before allowing you to register a domain name, registrars will check to make sure it’s not already registered. To find out whether uou domain name available, visit

When selecting a name:

  • Choose as brief a name as possible.
  • Avoid using hyphens, which users can forget easily.
  • If names you prefer are all taken, try pluralizing the name, adding “the” to the beginning of the name, or coining an original term.[/custom_list]
Domain Extensions
Domain extensions, or top-level domains (TLDS), are the suffixes attached to domain names. You’re probably most familiar with .com and .net, the most popular TLDs for personal sites, and .org a TLD used mainly by organizations.  But many more exist, such as .me, .co, .info, and .biz.

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