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The content you present on your website is what defines who you are and what you do but this is not all. Everything that you publish in your website is not only seen by those who come to visit, it is also being scanned and crawled periodically by search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. By focusing on your on-site SEO you can increase the traffic from search engines and work towards being the first choice for Google and Yahoo. This is not something that will happen from one day to the other but with awareness of how to optimize your website’s content you will make progress with every new entry.

The Content of Your Website
Your website is your online business card with interactive possibilities. It is up to you to grab these opportunities of reaching out to your potential clients and target groups. Your on-site SEO must be effective and composed in a way that your message becomes clear and easy to understand. When you start building a website you are mostly occupied with the structure for navigation and important details like contact information. This is the foundation for your presence online and it is important to build it right and stable. When times come for addition of articles that tell visitors more about your business you must be just as careful to structure it correctly.

Things to Avoid!
If you add content that is already available in other sites online you might as well shut down the site till you’ve got something original to upload. Google is strict about copied on-site content and when websites use duplicated content they get punished and pushed back in the search results. On-site content which is re-written from other existing sources online will also be recognized by Google and penalized. With this in mind it should be clear that you want to deal only with original on-site SEO!

Traffic from Search Engines
To bring in traffic from the search engines, your on-site SEO must provide an answer to what people are looking for. Just consider how you use Google and what you expect to find. Your potential visitors are not different from you and when you can give them the answers that they are looking for you will be rewarded by getting more traffic. Google loves sites with content that serves their purpose, namely helps those searching reaching their answers. For Google to realize that your on-site content is a source to reckon with it must be SEO oriented and of high quality. You need to work with a few selected key words and stick to them. This is why you should work with an SEO service that can help you formulate your keywords and answers correctly.

Maintenance of On Site SEO
A lot of content is helpful if it is of high quality and optimized for the search engines but you don’t want to create “content explosions” that will make your website appear as a spam site. A professional SEO service can help you determine what types of updates you should make and how often. A good idea for an active website with a live feeling is to add a blog where you continuously publish on-site SEO content that focuses on your business and services. You should add content in a normal speed to make sure that your site looks like a legitimate one that grows in a normal human pace.

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