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An effective way of promoting a website is to create SEO content to be placed in other web locations, away from the site you want to promote. Does this sound strange to you? It is really pretty simple! Whenever content and links are placed in other sites than your own it is referred to as out site SEO. Out site SEO is very popular and you have probably heard a lot about the importance of link building for promotion of your website. To enjoy the benefits of this SEO strategy you must follow some very important rules. If you don’t, you risk the opposite effect so make sure that you work with a professional web marketing service for your out site SEO!

The Definition of Out Site SEO
Out site SEO is part of an effective strategy for promoting your website and any professional SEO service will be able to offer you this type of web marketing. Whenever you place content or links in a site to raise the awareness of yours, you are creating out site SEO. This means that links you place in comments of blog posts, in social forums and in link directories are all out site SEO. Another important feature of out site SEO is content for article directories.

Quality Article Directories
Article directories are online sites that accept articles on different subjects. By adding your content to their directory you become part of a hub with many other contributions on the same subjects. There are two major benefits to gain from article directories. The links you place in the articles are recognized by Google and they raise the importance of your own site which leads to a better position in the search results.  The other benefit is the direct traffic you get from the actual articles by people who read them and click on your links. However, there is a catch here. When people realized the beauty of out site SEO through article directories they started to mass generate content with links just to promote a website in the search results.

The content was often re-writes or poor copies of the real deal which made many article directories online look like pure link farms. Google started to work on robots that would detect this type of out site SEO content and they succeeded. This meant that many popular article directories suffered setbacks due to the poor content they had collected. The serious article directories raised their standards and started to limit links allowed in every article submitted. They also made sure to review articles closely to determine which content is quality and which could be spam.

Original Content
Since the link farms became a concept the value of original out site SEO has become even greater. The big amount of articles and links penalized by Google, left space for original content to hit the best positions in the search results. Having original high quality content with links to your website placed in good article directories online is now one of the best methods for promoting your site. That’s why you want to make sure to work with an SEO service that stays clear of any duplicates also for out site purposes.

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