Phyllis Garland - SEO Article SubmissArticle directories are excellent tools for quality link building for your website. Their influence and value for businesses online have been known and understood for many years. However, to advance your site through article directories you must understand what type of articles to add to them and you should also pick the best type of directory for your purpose. The Google update referred to as Google Panda changed the dynamics of online directories and this is also something to understand before you make them part of your SEO strategy.

How Can Article Directories Help my Site?
Anyone with a website knows that the key to success lies in the amount of traffic it gets. To get more traffic your site needs to appear high up in the search results, with all of the major search engines. You can always build a great site and make sure to have quality SEO content which is picked up easily by the search engines but this is not enough. You can rest assure that there are plenty of other sites with great quality content and the same services and products. So what should you do to advance your site? One of the major SEO strategies for more traffic is called “backlinks.” Backlinks are links placed in other sites and they point to yours.

When you place an article in a directory online with links to your site you reap two major benefits:

1)    People who read the articles will click on the links and come to visit your site.
2)    Search engines, like Google, crawl the article directories and see the links. The fact that other serious sites points to yours is very good for a higher page rank which means that you can reach a higher position in the search results.

Advantages of Article Directories
An article with links to your website, placed in an article directory, will continue to draw new traffic to your site, through the methods described above, for as long as you let it stay in the directory. The major article directories are big and get millions of hits each day and this is something to take advantage of. For an example, if you have a site for baby products you will certainly get traffic from Google for this subject. An article directory will also have a section for baby related material and this section will be a lot larger than your site. Therefore it gets higher priority in the search results. This lets you use your article to fish from the big crowd that comes to the directory daily.

The Google Panda Update
People used to insert all sorts of junk into article directories just to get links to their sites for a better page rank with Google. Google decided to do something about this by developing their Google Panda which can weed out the high quality content from the spam. When the Google Panda came into effect many article directories took a serious blow and even went out of business. People said that the great days of the article directories as SEO strategy had come to an end. This is not true! The serious directories have changed their rules so that only high quality content will appear. This means that you can advance your site nicely through article directories if you stick to quality!

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