Do you plan on using LinkedIn for business this year? Are you ready to create some sassy online visibility? WEBA is thrilled to have Karmen Reed and Marcia Hancock share their knowledge and expertise on the popular social media platform for professionals, LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the place where you will get the biggest return on your professional visibility investment online. Whether you’re looking for a new job or just trying to stay in the game, LinkedIn rules when it comes to acquiring clients, establishing professional connections, or getting information.

Karmen and Marcia will provide invaluable tips and tricks to make your LinkedIn Profile shine. Leveraging the power of LinkedIn begins with building a solid professional profile and presence.  

Please join us for How To Make Your LinkedIn Profile Work For you.  

Date: Friday, June 6th
Time: 9am – 11am in San Mateo
Register online, TODAY!

Are you still on the fence regarding the effectiveness of using LinkedIn?   Here are 10 Reasons To Update Your LinkedIn Profile Now.

  1. LinkedIn is massive and growing | With nearly 300 million members from more than 200 countries, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network.  
  2. Google Juice | When someone Googles your name or business, your profile on LinkedIn will show up at the top of Google searches and who doesn’t want that.  
  3. Complete your profile | The importance of completing your LinkedIn profile is vital because it gets you found in more searches as well as gives you an opportunity to impress potential prospects.
  4. Enhance your professional image | Everything from your photo (make sure you have a professional headshot with a clean background) to the companies you follow and the groups you join gives people a sense of what interests you and who you are as a professional. 
  5. Get endorsed and recommended |  Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations. LinkedIn provides a platform on which other people can attest to our skills and expertise.   
  6. Write recommendations for others | Giving credit where credit is due can dramatically increase the odds of it being reciprocated for your. 
  7. Become a thought leader | Just having a profile is not enough. Participating in your online community raises your profile.  It’s the perfect way to demonstrate your value by sharing your videos, blog posts, articles or posting informative comments to online discussions.
  8. Showcase examples of your work to generate leads | You can share a link to your own website or blog. Portfolios, videos,  info-graphics, and publications in LinkedIn’s Summary and Experience sections are also very powerful.  
  9. Connect with ease | Connect with new people this year and when possible, meet them in person. LinkedIn allows us to quickly identify and create associations with potential customers.
  10. Stay informed | By “following” thought leaders and influencers on LinkedIn, you stay informed about the current issues and latest trends in your industry. 

What would you add to this list? What have you done to improve your listing online? Please share below.