Just recently, I did an analysis of how my clients found me: 85% of my male clients found me online through an organic search using Google or Yahoo. I always ask each client why they called and/or decided to work with me as their web developer and online marketing strategist, every single one of them said that they made their decision based on a 60-second video I have on my website. The video was engaging and they felt a connection with me as they watched my 60-second infomercial. This goes to show you how powerful a personalized video can make with your website visitor.

Having a video on your website is an easy way for customers to learn about what the website has to offer. Having video is a more convenient way for customers to learn about products and services than it is for them to read about it. Customers like it so much in fact that according to MetaCafe, having a video on a website can retain the attention of visitors ten times longer than a website without video (metacafe.com). For more information and resources on video resources, click here.

This morning I came across an informative blog post accompanied by a beautiful infographic Jessica Fritsche,  a marketing manager for D Custom in Dallas, Texas. I felt an impulsive need to share it here on my blog.  Enjoy!



70% of B2B marketers use a form of online video with their overall strategies. The science behind it is simple; we as humans naturally relate to voices, faces and movements. And how exactly does that mean dollars for your business?

Cue this infographic, which breaks down why video is vital to your marketing strategy.
San Mateo Web Design -  Why Video is Vital

70% of B2B marketers use a form of online video with their overall strategies.
The Science Behind It

  • The human voice conveys emotion
  • The brain is hard-wired to trust the human face
  • Movement captures & keeps people’s attention

3 Ways that video enhances your marketing

It Educates

– Engage your audience through interesting video content to teach them more about your brand

It Promotes

– Utilize the power of a visual medium to create a buzz around your event, your cause, your product, or your service

It Entertains

– Connect to your audience by conveying your personality and help them capture the context of your message

Final Q’s to Ask

Who is my audience for this video?
What does my audience care about?
Does this video seem too promotional?

About the Author of this blog post: >> Jessica Fritsche  is an integrated content marketing agency located in Dallas, Texas.
You can learn more about Jessica Fritsche and find other informative blogposts at the following link.


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