Phyllis Garland and Matt Mullenweg at WordCamp San Francisco 2013

I was a flight attendant before I entered the world of hi-tech. During my 10-year stint as a FA, I met my fair share of celebrities, politicians, sports figures, and as a matter of fact, I worked the 49er’s charter flights for a number of years. Yes, it was a blast and if you and I sit down together over a margarita, I will tell you some really fun and interesting stories. But, not once did I ever ask for an autograph or picture with a celebrity. I gave them their space and privacy and to be honest…it just wasn’t in my nature to fuss over them.

This past summer, I had the privilege of volunteering at WordCamp San Francisco 2013 where I heard Matt Mullenweg, the founder of Automattic, the driving force behind WordPress, give his ‘State of the Word’ keynote address.  I was anxious to hear the latest and greatest surrounding WordPress.  Matt noted that 18.9% of all websites globally use WordPress for their backend, up 2.2% since 2012. It just goes to show you that WordPress is gaining momentum.   Woo-hoo!

Once Matt’s keynote concluded and the crowd died down, I approached him and thanked him for bringing WordPress into our lives. He smiled and humbly said, “oh, you’re welcome”.  I couldn’t get over how zen and down to earth he was. Not only does WordPress have so many great benefits for me, as a web developer…but for the business owner as well. It wasn’t long ago that having a website was an expensive luxury. Today, anyone can easily create a nice-looking blog and/or website using WordPress.

He politely let me ramble on about my Learn WordPress in a Day workshops where I  teach business owners how to create their own website and blog using WordPress.  He thanked me for sharing my knowledge of WordPress with my students and clients.

Upon conclusion of our conversation, I whipped out my iPhone and grabbed the nearest passerby and asked him to take  a picture of me posing with Matt which I immediately posted to Twitter.  Oh, wow…did I really just do that?

So, what gives? Why was I so star struck over Matt Mullenweg? Could it be the fact that we share the same love for everything WordPress or that Matt was named one of the most influential under 30 CEO’s or could it be  that he has made a tremendous contribution to world.  I am sure it’s a combination of the aforementioned and much more. After all, if it wasn’t for Matt, you wouldn’t be reading this blog post.

It was a pleasure meeting Matt and I know it ‘s not going to be the last time our paths will cross.   I had a blast at volunteering and learning at WordCamp SF 2013….an experience I will never forget! I have posted my pics below! Enjoy!

Several months ago, I wrote a blog post entitled What is WordPress and Why Should I care.  In  the article I share my thoughts on WordPress and why every business owner should should be using it.   I invite you to read it at the following link:  WordPress isn’t a passing infatuation…it’s here to stay.

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